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Cameron’s VAT Opportunity

november 4, 2015

David Cameron took a bruising last week when his plan to remove or trim family tax credits descended into political chaos. The credits are costly and ineffective, and reforming them is a step toward a flatter, less-distorting tax code. But critics estimated that eliminating them would cost some families upwards of £1,300 ($2,007) a year…. Läs mer

‘Chinese’ eBay and Amazon sellers under spotlight for VAT dodging

november 3, 2015

The issue of VAT avoidance on both eBay and Amazon has reached the mainstream media with UK Trading Standards saying that as much as £2bn a year could be going unpaid because sellers from overseas aren’t declaring their sales properly.   This problem, often characterised as one where sellers from China aren’t properly displaying their… Läs mer

Amazon and eBay ‘liable’ if they ignore VAT fraud

november 2, 2015

Amazon and eBay could be liable for billions of pounds in unpaid VAT if they fail to properly investigate traders using their sites to escape sales tax, the BBC has learned. The online marketplaces could be legally required to spot the tax evasion committed by many of their overseas sellers. UK firms say they are… Läs mer