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With extensive experience from practical work in many different sectors, we can respond to our customers’ specific challenges and offer expert VAT consulting.

VAT Consulting

Do you have questions concerning VAT management? Is there a smarter way to find your way around bureaucratic obstacles? Vathub can help you with inquiries and advice. Our employees are very familiar with the different areas of financial management, such as audit, law and VAT legislation. We will manage any minor ongoing tasks with the same care and accuracy that we use to tackle complicated inquiries.

We are happy to explore problems that might seem insurmountable to someone lacking the expertise. Even if some problems are the same across various sectors of industry, each company has its own specific needs.

We have worked with a wide range of different cases from clinical tests within the pharmaceutical industry and commerce and warehousing of spare parts for the car industry to the right of property companies to deduct for subcontractor services and problems connected to international multiparty trade.

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